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Consumer Unit/Fuse Board

The consumer unit also know as the fuse board is used to control, isolate and distribute electricity around your home. If your fuse board is not working correctly then the electrics around your house will not work correctly.


Quite often over time new circuits for lighting or extra sockets for example will be added into a property, this can often mean that the fuse board will no longer be suitable or safe to carry the amount of circuits contained in a modern property. Also older consumer units will not contain an RCD.


One of the main benefits to upgrading your fuse board will be that the new unit will contain RCD's or Residual Current Device. This is a very important piece of equipment as it protects against potential fire and electric shock.


The latest BS7671 regulations state that all circuits must be protected by an RCD (Residual Circuit Device). Since 2008 RCDs have to be installed on every circuit in the home.


We only fit 17th Edition consumer units as these contain the RCD's required by the current regulations.


When carrying out a consumer unit replacement we will also check the main earth bonding. If this needs to be replaced or upgraded we will also carry this out.


You will receive an Electrical Installation Certificate upon completion of the job.


The picture below is of an up to date consumer unit. It contains a main switch, 2 RCD's and multiple MCB's. This unit complies with all current regulations and would be similar to the unit that we would install in your home.

The below pictures are of older style consumer units. If your consumer unit looks similar to one of the below units then we would advise that you call as and look at having the unit replaced. The main reason for this is that they do not contain an RCD and therefore do not offer as much protection against fire or electric shock and they also do not comply with current regulations.

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